On a Journey – Part VII


Bye bye St Louis, hello Seattle. I’ve missed a day of the journey so I’ll fill you in on one and half days worth of activity. The weather got better so I could get out of the hotel on Friday morning and so we took the chance to head downtown St Louis and check out the Arch. The Arch is actually higher than the Space Needle in Seattle which I just got back from going up. There were some really great views of St Louis city from the top of the Arch, which you go up in these weird little lifts. After we got back from downtown I met up with Susan Newkirk. Susan studied with me at the Bible Institute of South Africa back in 2005 and she’s about to head back to South Africa to work as a children’s worker at Muzienburg Community Church (CESA) in Cape Town. So we caught up over a cup of caramel macchiato from Starbucks (since I had one of those I haven’t been able to stop).

In the evening I attended a guest lecture by Dr. Stephen T. Um the pastor of City Life Church in Boston. His church is completely multi-ethnic inner-city church and extremely diverse in its make-up. He lectured us on preaching the gospel from the book of John. It was really a lecture on how to do good responsible, redemptive historical preaching from John’s gospel – really helpful.

After that it was time to say goodbyes to the St Louis folk because I was up early the next morning to head out to Seattle.

The flight was just over four hours but I was pretty tired so I slept through most of it. Then I had an interesting time figuring out the public transport system and getting from the airport to my hotel. I eventually got there and found out I was practically right next to the Space Needle. So after dropping off my bags and grabbing lunch I headed up the needle. It was worth the $16 for the view alone. Seattle is an amazingly beautiful city (would come a close second to Cape Town) surrounded by snow-capped mountains but also with plenty of water around. There was perfect weather today too so the viewing was spectacular. You might get some photos of it tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow I’m hoping to attend a service at Mars Hill Ballard Campus and then stick around for the pre-conference stuff. This is what I came for…I’ll keep you posted.

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2 Responses to “On a Journey – Part VII”

  1. 1 AJ Gatley
    February 25, 2008 at 8:15 am

    Thought i would complement you on your great taste, caramel macchiato are definitely the best starbucks drink on the market :D i miss it, SE-Asia are full of starbucks franchises.
    Apart from the randomness of that paragraph, I want to let you know I am enjoying the blog, and look forward to seeing how the Lord uses what you are able to learn over there, for the benefit of the Gospel here in South Africa.

  2. 2 Jeff A
    February 26, 2008 at 5:59 am

    I’m very jealous…thanks for the running report.

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