On a Journey – Part III

Its 10 degrees below this morning – not quite the African summer I left. This post will be short because I’ve got to head out it a second. Yesterday I had a great time drinking beer and talking church with my host and Chris Gensheer – as you can see I’m clearly hanging out with the Presbyterians in Missouri and not the Southern Baptists – in fact the pub I went to even had a happy hour for Covenant students! Then last night I attended a lecture by Daniel Doriani (who most of my ex-fellow BI students will remember). Dan’s a really gifted lecturer and was really engaging as he took us through the issue of miracles in the gospels.

After breakfast I’m off to a chapel service at Covenant and maybe one or two more lectures. Then this afternoon I’m meeting one of the church planter assessors from the Acts29 Network which should be really interesting.

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1 Response to “On a Journey – Part III”

  1. 1 Alan
    February 19, 2008 at 10:58 pm

    hey Steve

    glad to read you’re keeping it tight in the states. that happy hour sounds like an idea for winners. maybe we should get Forries to do something similar for Ask…

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